LAN is a critical corporate asset, connecting servers, applications and storage services in the the company.


System security

Monitor how the third-party service providers and remote vendors work within your corporate network, discover security violations and improper actions.


work examiner

Enhanced computer survallance functionality helps to handle all the data copied to the removable media or sent via email. Enable indepth Internet&computer actions monitoring for suspicious employees to prevent critical data leaks.


system design

In this globally integrated economy, midsize businesses need to take advantage of emerging opportunities.We understand your challenges and needs -- we can design and maintain your systems.



Surveillance design

For many years, high-definition has been the gold-standard in entertainment technology. It is now easier and more affordable than ever to have a custom surveillance solution that can go toe-to-toe with an HDTV. As leaders and innovators in the security industry, MH Net is proud to present a range of powerful and affordable HD security solutions that leave nothing to the imagination. View your world with the vigilance of a hawk through the watchful eye of MH Net HD security solutions.


Data Protection

With Datto, we believe there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology

Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses (SMBs) can achieve with the right technology. Datto’s proven Unified Continuity, Networking, Endpoint Management, and Business Management solutions drive cyber resilience, efficiency, and growth for MSPs. Delivered via an integrated platform, Datto's solutions help its global ecosystem of MSP partners serve over one million businesses around the world. From proactive dynamic detection and prevention to fast, flexible recovery from cyber incidents, Datto’s solutions defend against costly downtime and data loss in servers, virtual machines, cloud applications, or anywhere data resides.


Control Internet Access. Protect from Advanced Threats

UserGate Proxy & Firewall is an all-in-one gateway security solution combining a network firewall, router, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS), VPN server, web filtering, reporting and statistics and other important functions. It allows you to manage network traffic, optimize bandwidth, and provide Internet access control.


LoRaWan Design

LoRaWAN is a type of LPWAN network, which stands for Low-power Wide-area Network - "energy-efficient long-range network". LPWAN networks are wireless and have a wide coverage radius, the main advantage of such networks is low power consumption, and the amount of data transfer in such networks is measured in bytes, but this is enough to transmit the necessary telemetry from the end device to the dispatcher server. The lifetime of these end devices is several years on a single battery and depends on the data transfer schedule.



Working with teams in both IT and business departments, we deliver the best outcomes for your customers, employees and stakeholders. We achieve this by partnering with you to identify your most important business outcomes, then helping to design the programs that will impact the processes, people and technology to deliver these. MH Net’s broad portfolio encompasses a capabilities ranging from Business Process Outsourcing to rich Business, IT Effectiveness and Sustainability consulting services targeted at tackling your real business issues including cost, efficiency and the environment.

what we do

Are you responsible for ensuring that your business operations and technology strategies support the changing needs of your business? MH Net can assist you in anticipating these evolving requirements. MH Net enables organizations across both the private and public sectors to respond to the challenges of planning, delivering and operating IT and business strategies in complex and changing operating environments.

MH Net design, build and operate IT systems and IT services from small to medium scale clients in both the public and private sectors. Our core strength is the delivery of IT management and outsourcing services across applications, datacentre, networking and desktop environments. Our business approach is based on establishing long term relationships that builds on success and mutual benefit.





MH Net GoldPak features a more comprehensive level of support which covers from your day to day troubleshooting, phone support to your server support.Contact us. This program offers, 1) Un-limited on-line and on-site support 2) Flexible visits by our engineers for routine check, update server, windows, application patches and check for viruses. and much more based on your reuirements.



MH Net GuardPak is a basic I.T service plan. It supports from a range of troubleshooting software, hardware to everyday operation. The program offers phone, remote support and on-site support and with all, prompt and reliable service is assured. Furthermore, we will follow up on every closed incident to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service.



MH Net HelpDesk is a cost saving plan which provides you and online and phone call support in any IT related issues in an organization. This plan targets on SMB which does not have any IT personal to assist and hotels. If there are any require support, we would remotely troubleshoot your system through a secured connection.

About US

MH Net was first established in February 2001 and since then, has played a major role in delivering solutions to all types of Malaysian businesses. The company's key strengths are its skilled and experienced IT personnel

The company profile outlines the company activities in the area of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY. We are involved in a wide variety of I.T services ranging from designing and implementation inclusive of the complete maintenance services. At MH Net, we collaboratively focus on planning, researching, and developing of innovative software, hardware solutions with an ecosystem designed for commercial, academic and government sector.

Our client relationships are driven by shared values and goals and not rigid, lock-in contracts that limit their flexibility. We act as partners in quickly moving small to medium volumes of work offshore, and if required we can engage with their clients at a strategic business level to transform their IT portfolio, IT organization, and business processes. Our focus is not just great technology, but bottom line business impact.

We bring our clients the best of both worlds: the savings and superior quality of development, and the immediacy and trust of a local company. MH Net solutions not only help customers to achieve their cost cutting and control measures, we also provide them with vital information to make key decisions. The results are almost immediate, often in the first month after implementation.

MH Net with a team of partners in the Asia Pacific region specialize in providing solutions all industries, of which, the most important are providing IT solutions and assist clients in achieving their IT productivity.

As companies constantly strive to lower costs and improve the quality of their offerings, outsourcing of key technical services such as IT development and management has become increasingly popular.  It has also become clear that corporations can minimize outsourcing costs by limiting the number of suppliers they engage to provide these services.  MH Net  will take advantage of these trends by offering an end to end service to its clients, providing a single contact point for website design and management, network development and hardware integration, hosting services, business partner IT interactions and client support services.

With the continuing rapid technological changes, it is difficult for many enterprises to make informed decisions on the kinds of IT resources they should invest in. Many are not sure where to start from given the vast array of IT products and vendors. Virtually all organizations in the selected target industries have invested in some form of hardware but continue to face a challenge in getting IT to make a significant impact on improving the bottom line.

MH Net provides market leading solutions and services that help to enhance and leverage clients’ IT investment



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